Group Travel

How fun would it be to getaway with some of your most favorite people? I have years of experience managing the planning process of group vacations. So why not let me handle the complexity of arranging your next group vacation. 

Independent Travel
Independent Travel

Do you want to explore a destination at your own leisurely pace? Do you want to see and do things without a time crunch? Do you also not want the worries of researching, planning, and booking? I will take all your stress away by personalizing and booking everything you need for one amazing self-guided trip!

Beach Travel
Beach Travel

Want a relaxing vacation close to or right on the beach? Maybe an all-inclusive, luxurious, or private experience. I can arrange that perfect beach getaway, accommodating all your wishes and needs. 

Multi-city, Multi-country travel

Is the trip you are dreaming of calling for multiple cities or multiple countries? Well let me make your dreams come true. I can get you to each of your destinations with ease and handle anything else your adventures may entail. 

Adventure Travel

Do you have an adventurous travel style? Do you enjoy exploring the culture and hidden treasures places offer? If excursions and multi-sport activities is your pleasure, then let me plan your ultimate adventure vacation. 

 Escourted tour group

Ok, so you want to check a place off your bucket list. You know you want to be part of an organized tour group while exploring the destination, but you have no idea on where to find a reputable company. I promise to find you a highly rated tour company that best fits your needs and wants. Oh, and I also take care of the entire booking process making sure you have all the necessities for your next adventure.